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No matter what kind of vehicle you're looking at, or how much it costs, you can get an accurate assessment of the monthly cost of ownership. Use our payment calculator to see what your monthly payment could be.



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When you're buying your next vehicle, most people will need to rely on a loan to be able to afford it. Even used vehicles can necessitate financial assistance, but it isn't easy to know what you may be getting yourself into. This is why we here at the Ricart Credit Factory are proud to offer our Loan Calculator feature for prospective buyers to be fully aware of the costs of buying their next car.

Residents of Columbus, OH that want help researching the next vehicle, will love this feature, which will give them an accurate assessment of the cost of buying the vehicle which has caught their eye. So if you're in or around Columbus, OH, come and see us at 4255 S Hamilton Rd Columbus, OH we'll show you our available models and get you on the path to your next vehicle.